DOMIKI PROGRESS SA is a technical-consulting company, member of ALEXOPOULOS D. ATEKE group of companies, which specializes in the construction and maintenance of gas stations and installations, since 1974.

DOMIKI PROGRESS was founded in 2006 and provides complete consultancy services and license issuing for all technical projects, as well as specialized services for fuel stations.

Amongst the specialized services the company has to offer, is the FUEL TANKS TITRATION AND CONTAINER LAB which provides accredited titrations for calibrations of tanks in accordance with all legal requirements.

The demands of the fuel companies and service stations led DOMIKI PROGRESS in creating a modern automated titration system.

Furthermore, the implementation of the new law for the installation of “inputs-outputs” and the prerequisite of complying with the law and international standards turned this demand into an obligation.

DOMIKI PROGRESS’ goal is to offer a wide range of services able to meet even the highest demands of our customers and partners; services that are certified in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2008.

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